$336 Blue Ox BX1987 Base Plate for Chrysler/Mercedes Smart Car Automotive Exterior Accessories Blue Ox BX1987 Base Plate Mercedes Chrysler for Some reservation Car Smart Car,/goety992455.html,Base,Ox,BX1987,for,$336,Blue,Smart,Plate,Automotive , Exterior Accessories,atletski-klub-gorica.si,Chrysler/Mercedes Car,/goety992455.html,Base,Ox,BX1987,for,$336,Blue,Smart,Plate,Automotive , Exterior Accessories,atletski-klub-gorica.si,Chrysler/Mercedes $336 Blue Ox BX1987 Base Plate for Chrysler/Mercedes Smart Car Automotive Exterior Accessories Blue Ox BX1987 Base Plate Mercedes Chrysler for Some reservation Car Smart

Regular store Blue Ox BX1987 Base Plate Mercedes Chrysler for Some reservation Car Smart

Blue Ox BX1987 Base Plate for Chrysler/Mercedes Smart Car


Blue Ox BX1987 Base Plate for Chrysler/Mercedes Smart Car

Product description

Choosing Blue Ox is like having a baseplate custom-made for your vehicle. Blue Ox baseplates are easy on your suspension and even easier on the eye. They have been designed with hidden reinforcement. Blue Ox does not offer a one-size-fits-all support system, but rather a system that is shock absorbing and integrated into the individual bumper frame or unibody with the bumper design of your vehicle. Blue Ox's philosophy is to let the baseplate torsion, or flex, similar to receiver hitches allowing the baseplate to absorb the forces of towing rather than rigidly transferring the forces to the frame of the vehicle.

Blue Ox BX1987 Base Plate for Chrysler/Mercedes Smart Car

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