$54 Quantum QUS260 Plastic Storage Stacking Ultra Bin, 18-Inch by 11 Home Kitchen Storage Organization Quantum QUS260 Plastic Storage Stacking Ultra 11 by 18-Inch Purchase Bin Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,Storage,/goety992255.html,Quantum,by,QUS260,Plastic,Ultra,Stacking,atletski-klub-gorica.si,11,$54,18-Inch,Bin, $54 Quantum QUS260 Plastic Storage Stacking Ultra Bin, 18-Inch by 11 Home Kitchen Storage Organization Quantum QUS260 Plastic Storage Stacking Ultra 11 by 18-Inch Purchase Bin Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,Storage,/goety992255.html,Quantum,by,QUS260,Plastic,Ultra,Stacking,atletski-klub-gorica.si,11,$54,18-Inch,Bin,

Quantum QUS260 Plastic Storage Stacking Ultra 11 Max 43% OFF by 18-Inch Purchase Bin

Quantum QUS260 Plastic Storage Stacking Ultra Bin, 18-Inch by 11


Quantum QUS260 Plastic Storage Stacking Ultra Bin, 18-Inch by 11

Product description


Quantum Storage specializes in storage bins manufactured using injection-molded plastic that is highly durable. Their bins are designed with front, back and side grips, which allows for easy handling, while a built-in rear hanger allows the bins to hang from louvered panels. There is the option of ordering these bins with a clear plastic window, which provides a quick view of the contents without having to disassemble the bins. The bins feature large, molded slots where you can place ID labels for easier identification of contents. Individual dividers maximize flexibility and help to keep the contents of the bins organized. The bins have wide stacking ledges and anti-slide locks, which keep the bins steady and prevent them from shifting forward. Due to the bins being made of injection-molded plastic, they are resistant to rust and corrosion. Units are autoclavable up to 250-degree F, as well as being resistant to extreme cold.

Quantum QUS260 Plastic Storage Stacking Ultra Bin, 18-Inch by 11

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