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CarlinKit 2.0 Daily bargain sale Wireless CarPlay Adapter Factory for W Audi dongle Deluxe

CarlinKit 2.0 Wireless CarPlay Adapter dongle for Audi Factory W


CarlinKit 2.0 Wireless CarPlay Adapter dongle for Audi Factory W

Product Description


  • CARLINKIT BRAND: We have the most mature automotive and smart phone interconnection solutions in the industry.
  • Two design modes: This product is Carlinkit 2.0 Wireless CarPlay Adapter for Factory Wired Carplay Cars, Convert Wired to Wireless Carplay. Two design modes(Classic original design USB and 2020 Type C Design), choose your favorite style.

  • Does not support Mercedes-Benz MBUX system

  1. Product function: Convert the car Factory wired CarPlay to Wireless CarPlay
  2. Phone Support: IPhone, to achieve wireless car CarPlay
  3. Support car models: The car has been built-in Factory CarPlay.
  4. New Product: Carlinkit 2.0 CarPlay Wireless Activator
  5. Easy to use: No need to disassemble the car, just plug it in and play immediately.
  6. Operation: The unit supports the original car steering wheel buttons, knob operation and voice operation. (Operation is the same as your original car).
  7. Free and safe driving: Make/answer calls, check voicemails, text messages and bring maps.
  8. Support online upgrade product system: after connecting the product wifi signal, Enter "" on the phone's "Safari" browser to view the version upgrade page. you can check the latest version.

  • Customer notice:

  1. Not suitable for Android car stereo
  2. Not suitable for Android phones
  3. Not suitable for the original car without the built-in Factory wired CarPlay.

Product wireless connection system, wireless connection method:


How to Get Wireless CarPlay: Carlinkit 2.0 Wireless CarPlay Activator is your first choice.

  1. This is by far one of the coolest accessories in factory radios equipped with Carplay. The setup is very simple and can work efficiently.
  2. Simple method to transform an existing CarPlay system into a wireless system. Wireless CarPlay allows you to easily play music, navigate or use Siri to surf the Internet wirelessly.

Online product upgrade method: (When the Wireless carplay works normally, don't upgrade online.)


  • Support online upgrade product system: after connecting the product wifi signal, Enter "" on the phone's "Safari" browser to view the version upgrade page. you can check the latest version.

Compatible models list, (please wait for us to update other models)


NOTE: When the Wireless carplay works normally, don't upgrade online.

  • for Ford with sync 3.4(Models list that have been successfully tested, please wait for us to update other models)
  • for 2016 Ford Mustang
  • for 2020 Ford Edge SEL
  • for 2019 Ford Ford Mustang
  • for 2020 Ford F250 Platinum.
  • for 2016 Ford Focus ST3 with sync 3.4.
  • for 2018 Ford mustang
  • for 2019 Ford Explorer, Sync 3 version 3.4.
  • for 2015 Ford F-150. Sync3.4 software
  • for 2017 Ford F150 Platinum
  • for 2019 Ford Edge with sync 3

CarlinKit 2.0 Wireless CarPlay Adapter dongle for Audi Factory W

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