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5 Pieces Diamond Ring Limited price Foil Balloo Set New popularity Wedding Balloon Inflatable

5 Pieces Diamond Ring Foil Balloon Set Inflatable Wedding Balloo


5 Pieces Diamond Ring Foil Balloon Set Inflatable Wedding Balloo

Product description


Durable to use:
These eye-catching decoration balloons are made of quality aluminum foil material, light in weight and in good shape, odorless and safe to use, wear and tear resistant, and not easy to burst, you can use them with confidence.

Adorable and attractive gift:
You can prepare these wedding anniversary party ornaments for yourself to make handmade gifts, and then send them as sweet gifts to your lover, neighbors, friends, colleagues, classmates and others, creating cherished memories.

Size: respectively approx. 61 x 64 cm/ 24 x 25 inches, 22 inches in diameter and 18 inch
Color: pink
Material: aluminum foil
Quantity: 5 pieces

Package included:
1 x Diamond ring foil balloon
2 x Round foil balloons
2 x Heart ring foil balloons

Warm notes:
Please allow slight size error due to manual measurement.
The colors may exist slight difference due to different screen.

5 Pieces Diamond Ring Foil Balloon Set Inflatable Wedding Balloo

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