aFe,GTI,Power,51-11892,Magnum,System,/aspect731765.html,Automotive , Replacement Parts,FORCE,VW,,$260,Intake,Performance aFe Power Magnum FORCE 51-11892 System Performance Intake VW Genuine Free Shipping GTI aFe Power Magnum FORCE 51-11892 System Performance Intake VW Genuine Free Shipping GTI $260 aFe Power Magnum FORCE 51-11892 VW GTI Performance Intake System Automotive Replacement Parts aFe,GTI,Power,51-11892,Magnum,System,/aspect731765.html,Automotive , Replacement Parts,FORCE,VW,,$260,Intake,Performance $260 aFe Power Magnum FORCE 51-11892 VW GTI Performance Intake System Automotive Replacement Parts

aFe Power Magnum FORCE 51-11892 System Manufacturer OFFicial shop Performance Intake VW Genuine Free Shipping GTI

aFe Power Magnum FORCE 51-11892 VW GTI Performance Intake System


aFe Power Magnum FORCE 51-11892 VW GTI Performance Intake System

Product description

Style:Pro DRY S - 3 layer dry media

This Stage-2 sealed cold air intake produces 14 hp. 15 lbs. x ft. torque. Enclosed in the durable 18 gauge, powder-coated heat shield; this air intake system features long transition intake tube, built-in MAF sensor pad, a washable/reusable 360 degree conical Pro Dry S air filter for maximum convenience, increased horsepower, torque, throttle response and provides an aggressive yet stealthy style. Don't be fooled by simple filter on a stick intakes, this intake system is an engineered piece of air flow technology to dynamically improve the performance of your GTI. Also Fits: 2008-2013 Audi A3 L4-2.0L (t), 2009-2013 VW Jetta L4-2.0L (t), 2009 VW Jetta Sportswagen L4-2.0L (t), 2009-2014 VW Eos L4-2.0L (t), 2009-2010 VW Passat L4-2.0L (t)

aFe Power Magnum FORCE 51-11892 VW GTI Performance Intake System


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