$4 golo Crochet Thread for Size 20 (Lavender) Tatting Yarn Arts, Crafts Sewing Knitting Crochet Arts, Crafts Sewing , Knitting Crochet,(Lavender),/addicted731496.html,atletski-klub-gorica.si,golo,Size,for,20,Thread,Yarn,$4,Crochet,Tatting golo Crochet Thread for Our shop OFFers the best service Size Yarn Tatting 20 Lavender golo Crochet Thread for Our shop OFFers the best service Size Yarn Tatting 20 Lavender $4 golo Crochet Thread for Size 20 (Lavender) Tatting Yarn Arts, Crafts Sewing Knitting Crochet Arts, Crafts Sewing , Knitting Crochet,(Lavender),/addicted731496.html,atletski-klub-gorica.si,golo,Size,for,20,Thread,Yarn,$4,Crochet,Tatting

golo Crochet Thread for Fashionable Our shop OFFers the best service Size Yarn Tatting 20 Lavender

golo Crochet Thread for Size 20 (Lavender) Tatting Yarn


golo Crochet Thread for Size 20 (Lavender) Tatting Yarn

Product Description

Color display

Crochet thread size 20

  • golo size 20 offers you 40 bright colors to choose from, and the colors are updated every quarter.
  • The color changes gradually, the scope is wide, suits you to make each kind of handicraft work.
  • As everyone's name for color is different, please take the color number as the standard, because the monitor will have a little color difference
  • Please buy "in stock" products, Amazon express is very fast.
golo size 20

  • This series is the gradual change of purple, please choose the color according to the color number
works are more delicate

GOLO yarn can make exquisite handicrafts. Welcome to choose

Crochet thread size 10 Crochet thread size 20 Crochet thread size 30 5-20
Size 10 Size 20 Size 30 Size 5
Ply 3 6 3 2
Use Exquisite table mat、Tatting、Floral ornaments,etc Exquisite table mat、Tatting、Floral ornaments,etc Floral ornaments、Tatting,etc Blanket、mat、doll
Net weight 1.45 oz 1.45 oz 1.45 oz 0.44 Ib
Suit crowds Skilled person、Crochet enthusiast Skilled person、Crochet enthusiast Skilled person、Crochet enthusiast Beginners, Any age
Selective Color 70 colors available 40 colors available 40 colors available 20 color suits
Advantage It is smooth, glossy and bright. It is suitable for crocheting exquisite flower ornaments, dolls, tatting and embroidery Smooth, glossy, bright, 6 ply more three-dimensional sense, suitable for crocheting exquisite flowers, dolls, woven, embroidery and other hand works It is more smooth, soft, glossy and bright. It is suitable for crocheting exquisite flower ornaments, dolls, shuttle weaving, embroidery and other handicrafts It is suitable for beginners to crochet flower ornaments, dolls, shuttle weaving, embroidery and other handmade works

golo Crochet Thread for Size 20 (Lavender) Tatting Yarn

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