EZAccessory ! Super beauty product restock quality top! 2 Wheel Adapter 6x5.5 to 5x139.7 6x139.7 5x5.5 Automotive , Tires Wheels,$97,6x5.5,2,/absorptivity731553.html,EZAccessory,atletski-klub-gorica.si,to,5x139.7),Adapter,to,5x5.5,(6x139.7,Wheel Automotive , Tires Wheels,$97,6x5.5,2,/absorptivity731553.html,EZAccessory,atletski-klub-gorica.si,to,5x139.7),Adapter,to,5x5.5,(6x139.7,Wheel $97 EZAccessory 2 Wheel Adapter 6x5.5 to 5x5.5 (6x139.7 to 5x139.7) Automotive Tires Wheels EZAccessory ! Super beauty product restock quality top! 2 Wheel Adapter 6x5.5 to 5x139.7 6x139.7 5x5.5 $97 EZAccessory 2 Wheel Adapter 6x5.5 to 5x5.5 (6x139.7 to 5x139.7) Automotive Tires Wheels

Max 66% OFF EZAccessory Super beauty product restock quality top 2 Wheel Adapter 6x5.5 to 5x139.7 6x139.7 5x5.5

EZAccessory 2 Wheel Adapter 6x5.5 to 5x5.5 (6x139.7 to 5x139.7)


EZAccessory 2 Wheel Adapter 6x5.5 to 5x5.5 (6x139.7 to 5x139.7)

Product description

Product Information:

These two piece conversion type wheel adapters are used to convert 6 lug vehicle with 5.5" (139.7mm) bolt pattern to fit wheels with 5x5.5 (139.7mm) bolt pattern. Mostly used for 6 lug Chevy Silverado, etc to install 5 lug Dodge Ram 1500 wheels. They will also space out your wheels for 2-inch to help you get enough clearance for wider tires and rims. CNC machined with precision craftsmanship using 6061 T6 aerospace quality billet, featured in high load capacity and corrosion resistance. High quality studs are pre-installed. Sold as a pair for 2 wheels. Order 2 pairs for all 4 wheels.

Adapter Specification:

Vehicle Bolt Pattern: 6x5.5" (139.7mm)

EZAccessory 2 Wheel Adapter 6x5.5 to 5x5.5 (6x139.7 to 5x139.7)


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Complement vs. Compliment

Complement and compliment are especially tricky because they are long words and their only spelling difference is one little vowel tucked in the middle. One word is…

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